You’ve been working in the same job for a year and a half or so. You’ve received positive performance reviews and you’ve achieved some great results. Is it time to ask for that promotion? And how do you ask for a promotion without coming across as a ‘spoiled millennial’? And what happens when you have to compete with your favorite co-worker?

5 tips to ask for that promotion as a young profeesional

Sounds familiar? This blog offers you five tips to get that promotion, without being a ‘typical millennial’.

1. Be informed

It’s wise to be informed before you put in your request. Consult co-workers, you can trust, about their personal experiences. They will be able to shed some light on the do’s and don’ts within the company when it comes to promotions. You don’t have to act accordingly but, at least it will give you a better picture of the promotion culture within your company.


2. Say it proud

You don’t have to walk in and slam your hand on the table to get your point across. On the other hand you don’t have to drop subtle hints in the hope your manager will be able to decode your message. Be bold and share your ambition with your manager. If you really fear his reaction, then maybe you should take that as an sign that it isn’t your time just yet. Is your fear realistic or is it the fear of failure you always have when things get exiting?
Even if you don’t succeed straight away, your manager now knows your ambition and will keep that in mind for the future. So either way you can’t fail.


3. Ask for the next steps and a concrete timeline

If you really feel you deserve this promotion, a good way to start the conversation is; ‘I have the ambition to… and I would like to discuss the necessary next steps to get there. This way I know what is expected of me.’. When discussing these steps, ask your manager if or when he thinks you’re ready for this promotion. That way you clearly state your ambition, you know what steps to take and you know where you stand in the eyes of your manager.


4. Do your homework

Don’t be surprised when your manager asks you why you feel you deserve this promotion. Do your homework up front. Prepare your arguments. Keep them short. Avoid sounding unsure by using words like ‘maybe’ and ‘a little’. Maintain eye contact and use your (inside 😉) voice. If you feel that you’re not quite there yet, specify the next steps and include a realistic timeline. That way you’ll come across as pro-active, confident and realistic.


5. Mind your own business

Of course it would be great if both you and your favorite co-worker get promoted at the same time. But sometimes there’s just one job opening. Remember: your co-workers career path is none of your business. So mind your own business and leave the decision to your manager. He’s getting paid to make tough choices.
If you still want to take the moral high road, share your ambition with your co-worker after the talk with your manager. Why tell beforehand, when you don’t even know if you’ve something relevant to tell.


Go get that promotion, you tiger! 😊 Good luck!

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