Coaching Career Questions


  • Are you looking for a change, but don't know where to start?
  • Are you stuck because 'you know what you have, but don't know what you'll get?'
  • Do you want to take charge and make more conscious decisions?
  • Do you want to find out what you really want?
  • Do you want to be the best version of you, in a job that suits you?

Are you in the same job for too long? Are you looking for a change, but don't know what your next step should be? Do you lack the confidence to take the necessary step? Maybe you don't know where to start. Or you don't know what it is you really want, but do you need to make the perfect decision? Or are you stuck because you don't want to take a hit financially?


Making the decision to leave your first or second job is difficult. You know what you have and you have no idea what you'll get. In my experience, young professionals who (dare to) consciously investigate their career-related questions are happy they did so afterwards.

In a career-trajectory you answer the following questions: Who am I? What do I want? What can I do? And what steps am I going to make?

Structure Coaching Career Questions

1.       Informal meeting
Coaching to prevent a burn-out always starts with an informal meeting through Skype. If we have a "connection", we schedule an intake. You also receive a few (practical) tips to get started right away.

2.       Intake
During this appointment we spend the balance; where do you stand, what do you need to optimize your vitality? You also gain some insight and we take a look at the (possible) future.

3.       Coaching
During the coaching (max 5 appointments) we take the following steps:

  • Build your personal profile in which we show: your talents, values and motivations.
  • Career-vision and development: what job and environment suit me?
  • Action plan: small concrete steps on your way to a new job

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HR Business Partner, Ministry

‘We would like you to coach our employee in assertiveness and visibility, as you are well-known in the office for these qualities and you actually make a difference.’

Junior Associate, Personal Leadership, Advocacy

‘I would say you are a very nice trainer; practical, down to earth but with a lot of attention and "Fingerspitzengefühl" about what is going on.’

'As a coach Rani is not vague at all, she gives many practical advices you can use straight away. I still use some very concrete tips she gave me which have become habits.'