Coaching Performance through Personal Strength


  • Do you want to feel confident and discover your talents?
  • Do you say 'yes' because you think it's hard to say no?
  • Do you want to feel in control at work?
  • Do you want to be visible, without having to scream?
  • Do you want to be influential?


You have been working for a while now. Where you started out as a young pup, you now start to lose your confidence and motivation. You discovered you still have a lot to learn (which is frustrating) and you run into problems: difficult situations at work, but also personal pitfalls.

Do you need more insights in yourself, do you want to know what your talents and pitfalls are, do you want to be in control and be influential? Do you want to learn how to handle that difficult colleague/manager? Then the Coaching Performance and Personal Strength is perfect for you!

There are a couple of fixed elements to the coaching:

1.       Insight:
what do I want to achieve and what do I already have to achieve this (talents) and what is holding me back (pitfalls, old ineffective patterns).  You can think about: unrealistic demands you have of yourself (you have to be able to do everything by yourself), fear of rejections, lack of confidence or maybe you start a fight too soon. We strive towards sustainable development. Without insight skills become mere tricks that won't stick.

2.       Outlook:
after gaining insight it is important to get the right practical tools. You can think about skills regarding tactical performance, communication and influence, visibility, time management, etc. All of the ingredients you might need to claim your position and be the best version of you.

3.       Take charge:
insight and outlook are both essential, but lasting development/growth means: taking charge. Make conscious decisions, to experiment outside your comfort zone, reflect, adjust and celebrate success.

Structure Coaching Performance through Personal Strength:

1.       Informal meeting
Coaching to prevent a burn-out always starts with an informal meeting through Skype. If we have a "connection", we schedule an intake. You also receive a few (practical) tips to get started right away.

2.       Intake
During this appointment we spend the balance; where do you stand, what do you need to optimize your vitality? You also gain some insight and we take a look at the (possible) future.

3.       Coaching
After the intake, we determine the course we will go. We determine how much time we will need and the frequency with which we will meet. We end every appointment with determining your personal action-point(s); tangible and challenging, though realistic and attainable. This ensures a practical and result-oriented approach.

start and finish with a meeting including your manager.
If the employer reimburses the coaching, then it could be a valuable addition to include the manager in the start and finish of the coaching. This way, the manager is engaged in the process and can he/she provide support when you return to work. This is only applicable when there is mutual trust and respect.

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HR Business Partner, Ministry

‘We would like you to coach our employee in assertiveness and visibility, as you are well-known in the office for these qualities and you actually make a difference.’

Junior Associate, Personal Leadership, Advocacy

‘I would say you are a very nice trainer; practical, down to earth but with a lot of attention and "Fingerspitzengefühl" about what is going on.’

'As a coach Rani is not vague at all, she gives many practical advices you can use straight away. I still use some very concrete tips she gave me which have become habits.'