Coaching Membership Card


  • Do you need an occasional carrot-and-stick?
  • Do you want to brainstorm, whenever you feel the need to?
  • Do you need feedback once in a while?
  • At a time that is convenient?
  • Would you like to brainstorm once in a while?

Do you want to brainstorm whenever you feel the need to? At times when you are in a tricky situation at work, or want feedback or have something on your mind? Sometimes it's nice to have someone you can bounce ideas off of, someone to give you feedback and advice.

The Coaching Membership Card is simply this: you decide when we meet and we only meet when you have a question. I am your brainstorm partner, I think with you, challenge you, create an overview whenever you need this and I encourage you to continue when you are stuck. There is no set format or structure. You are in charge.

The membership card is for four sessions. You can use them all in one month or spread them over a year. The sessions could be three days, three weeks or three months apart. You decide.

Results coaching Membership card

  • Insight, feedback and practical advice whenever you need it
  • Tailored support so you can be the best version of you in your domain
  • Relaxation, energy and movement whenever you feel the need

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HR Business Partner, Ministry

‘We would like you to coach our employee in assertiveness and visibility, as you are well-known in the office for these qualities and you actually make a difference.’

Junior Associate, Personal Leadership, Advocacy

‘I would say you are a very nice trainer; practical, down to earth but with a lot of attention and "Fingerspitzengefühl" about what is going on.’

'As a coach Rani is not vague at all, she gives many practical advices you can use straight away. I still use some very concrete tips she gave me which have become habits.'