The last 20 years I have been successfully developing and executing trainings for young professionals, in the area of vitality and performance. I preferably do this in-company and customized.


Training for young professionals

The last twenty years, I have developed and executed workshops, trainings, talent-development programs, InterVision's and traineeships for different organizations in different branches, like the railway sector, government, banks, advocacy and consultancy, the energy-world, surveillance and police. Very diverse branches, but young professionals within all of these organizations have mostly the same questions. Questions about their phase of life and career and that are directly responsible for their performance and vitality.



  • Balancing personal/professional life
  • Assertiveness and hierarchy
  • Effectively influencing and dealing with resistance
  •  Stress-management and vitality
  • Dealing with changes and agility
  • Internal visibility
  • Talents and pitfalls
  • Being in charge and personal leadership
  • Guarding your boundaries and proving yourself
  • The next step


Besides these "umbrella" themes, every organization has its own ambitions, demands and strategies when it comes to developing, keeping and letting their (young) professionals grow. Development is customization. I would love to discuss with you how I can contribute to the ambitions of your organization and the performance and vitality of your (young) professionals.

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HR Business Partner, Ministry

‘We would like you to coach our employee in assertiveness and visibility, as you are well-known in the office for these qualities and you actually make a difference.’

Junior Associate, Personal Leadership, Advocacy

‘I would say you are a very nice trainer; practical, down to earth but with a lot of attention and "Fingerspitzengefühl" about what is going on.’

'As a coach Rani is not vague at all, she gives many practical advices you can use straight away. I still use some very concrete tips she gave me which have become habits.'